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Networking & Communications

With the advent of the internet, broadband networking and now wireless communications, the combinations of setups available is now quite varied.

We can help with the design, purchasing, installation and setup of many types of networks. We can also assist with your internet connection requirements.

Ethernet Networks

These are the most common and simplest networks to now setup. It can start out with two computers with network cards and a cross over cable connecting them. The network can then grow from there by adding hubs, switches, routers and other wide area networking equipment.

The most cost effective networks at the moment use CAT5e network cables with RJ45 connectors running at 100Mbit speed. The maximum distance of any cable is 100 metres, but this is simply extended with any combination of hubs and switches, etc.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are now becoming more popular for their portability and ease of installation where wired networks would be impractical. Wireless devices are still more expensive and slower, however with no installation costs the overall costs nearly balance out.

A wireless network can be easily set up using combinations of network adapters and access points. Some access points may also be inbuilt into switches and routers. The most common standard 802.11g currently runs at a maximum of 54Mbits speed. However there are newer standards evolving around 108Mbits speed and higher.

Please ensure you always enable the maximum encryption possible for any wireless network, as many suppliers set the software default to none.


Connection to the internet can be made by one of the following methods:

Connection Types Download Speed Upload Speed
56k modem (or lower speeds) Up to 56k Up to 56k
ADSL (Broadband) 256k to 1.5Mbit 64k to 512k
ADSL2 (Broadband) Up to 24Mbit Up to 3.0Mbit
ISDN (including DOV) Up to 128k (2 channels) Up to 128k
Cable TV Provider Up to 3.0Mbit Up to 3.0Mbit
One Way Satellite Up to 512k Up to 56k
Two Way Satellite Up to 4.0Mbit Up to 1.0Mbit
Wireless Up to 3.0Mbit Up to 512k

There are other, more expensive methods available, however these are the most common and cost-effective connection methods.

ISP's may provide the equipment you need for any of these setups, or you may be able to purchase your own. Either way, we can help you with a purchase or installation assistance.



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