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The internet today is just another tool available to businesses & individuals. It can simply provide just one page of static information or be a complete online department store, linking all your suppliers, carriers and support staff using B2B e-commerce.

So, how do you know what the internet can do for you?

That's were Bleeding Edge Computer Systems can help!

Before you build any internet site, let us help evaluate what your objectives are and what you would actually need an internet site to do.

Remember you need a plan!

Also, the internet presence you require, can be anywhere from very cheap to quite expensive, you need to evaluate how much you can afford based on your estimated Return on Investment.

Remember, once you have an internet presence, you must continually maintain it, advertise it, support it and update it.

So before talking to just any website builder, talk to us. We will evaluate what you really need, aligned to your business plan or personal goals, and integrate the new internet presence into your current processes and procedures.

Before you give us a call, have a look around the internet, decide what styles of sites you like and dislike, and note down formats and layouts that appeal to you. There are countless different ways of presenting a website. Decide what you like or allow us to present some ideas to you instead.

We are aware of all the different technologies and design tools currently available. One of our jobs is to match what you need with what is currently available.

So let us help you get started with the internet today!



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